Nutrition Tips

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Personal Tip    
What is the most important step toward better health? Clearly the question is couched in our desire for the "quick fix" and there is no single answer for everyone.  If we had to come up with one place to start, it would be sleep.

Sleep affects everything from energy to weight to performance and even motivation for all your other goals, making it the perfect place to start.

Begin by eliminating all caffeine sources after 12 noon each day and then heading to bed 30 min earlier at night (accomplished by almost anyone who can find the power button on their computer or TV, tools that are typically the culprit for lack of adequate sleep).  With the fall time change approaching, this is the perfect time to create this transition.  Make this a priority for three weeks and take note of the impact it has on your ability to fully live life.
Compliments of  US Corporate Wellness, Inc.